monday morning weigh in

My resolution this year (as it is every year) is to finally lose weight and keep it off. The latter has proved much harder than you would imagine.

I’ve tried every diet known to man and have lost the same 10 lbs a 100 times. The closest I have come to being a normal weight was when I lost almost 70 lbs following the Atkins diet. It works for me so well but it has proven to be utterly unsustainable.  Especially when your husband is Italian and his mother teaches you the most amazing pasta dishes…

I gained it all back, slowly but surely, after I started dating my husband.  It took 5 years but here I am.

So this year I decided to try the new Weight Watchers Point Plus system. I’m doing the e-tools since the in person meetings just aren’t convenient with my schedule. I just finished week 2 and I’m feeling great!

So my total loss for this week:

3.2 lbs!!!

A total loss of 8.2. 55 left to go…


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