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dinner, a movie & memories

Is there anything better on a cold winter night than a big bowl of pho?

After a nice dinner at our local Vietnamese restaurant we headed to AFI to see Blue Valentine. It was a good movie- the acting was amazing. But I’ll admit it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. I knew it was about a young couple trying to save their marriage, and I won’t reveal any spoilers, but it was a lot more intense than I had anticipated.

One scene was quite difficult to watch on a personal level. There is a short scene where the main character (played by Michelle Williams) is taking care of her elderly grandmother. She helps her change into her pajamas and then brushes her hair. Today, January 22, is the one year anniversary of my grandmother’s death. She suffered from pancreatic cancer and required around the clock care at the end of her life. While difficult and sad, spending time with her and helping take care of her are some of the memories that will stay with me forever. I found myself overcome with emotion in the theater. It brought me right back to that time a year ago when I was in the midst of losing her.

I think about her all of the time…I pray for her, I ask for her guidance. She was truly a role model wife and mother. I have so much to thank her for, especially my relationship with God. My grandmother was a devout Catholic and has always been an inspiration to me because of her faith. Today I received the sacrament of penance….one that I do not receive nearly often enough. But I don’t think that I am alone in that. Confession is not an easy thing to do. Bringing to mind and expressing our sins is difficult. When we bury them in the back of our mind, it is so easy to forget. And if we forget we are just bound to repeat them. Confessing our sins and sincerely asking for forgiveness is such a humbling experience. But the other side of forgiveness is a wonderful feeling. Having a pure heart, mind and soul feels so light.

The best way that I could think of to honor my grandmother is to receive communion. I remember when my grandmother’s priest would come to her house to give her communion when she was too sick to attend mass. Once she said, “it is amazing how I feel so much better after I receive communion.”

It is amazing.


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